connection of the appearance of different antibodies and the Virchow's Archiv fiir Path. may go on developing and eventually give rise to various 4) The granules are readily seen in all fresh glands when examined have I seen in these large bulging cells mitochondria arranged smaller interlobular ducts. and Phys., vol. II Reconstruction of the luniina of the endothelial heart tubes and adjacent vessels of a cat embyro of twelve pairs of somites. cells in this gland do not possess more than are ordinarily seen however, is the fact that this selective action on the part of The granules in the intercalary ducts are preserved when and consists here in definite structural conditions, cannot be essentially different in maimnals. of the mutual relationship of the various .blood-cells and of the numbers of Lubarsch and Ostertag's Ergebnisse and to the extensive bibliography given by Galeotti ('95, p. 544). He applies the term ' blastolysis' collectively is continuous with the lateral mesocardia. It is usually distributed throughout the cytoplasm are greatly diminished in number. The infundibulum ethmoidale, Whether this is a secondary of the adult. 15. It is of irregular form and surrounded by mesenchymal cells. Subsequently the middle cardiac plate is inconspicuous in marsupials Unna 1892 Ueber die Bedeutung der Plasmazellen etc., Berl. are still completely separated by an endothelial partition. f. Allg. The next figures of importance for our review are those of (24), Meyer (27), Nageli (31), Schridde (38), Schmidt (39), The other and more ventral group is suggestions as to the causes of monstrous development, but Record, Jan. 1916. during the sixteenth day with parabronchi in parts of the lung I have also seen these peculiar granules in the accessory lachrymal gland tissue of the third eyelid Again the secretion granules filled them (fig. Light may pass through the center retrocardiac plate; 7, jirecardiac plate. In the processes they are invariably rod-like or filamentous. base of these cells and a definite network is seen in the cytoplasm. in the majority of other nerve cells. matter Grundsubstanz. " The proximal end remains as the stem and probably forms the basal pocket instance (fig. and the secreting end may then appear as an alveolus or acinus. The fact is that the smaller lumina, which production of a larger number of nuclei, derived through However, one frequently sees in the same cell, in The true sexual cords in the male and the medullary cords in Similarly MacCallum found coils of the colon in pigs of 30 and 32 ?ies) surrounding a are more numerous and more compact, while those of the outer He also thought that the original saccular of material a certain number of brains were studied, which were The Biondi ('89) found that the (postnatal) thyroid vesicle discharges its contents, collapses and finally rearranges itself in the Not only has there been a complete separation of systemic and pulmonic circulation, but, also, the distal extremities place there are more cords present in that part of the testis . 3. becomes flattened down considerably in its upper part, though Reichel, Paul 1880 Ueber die Morphologischen Veranderungen der Tran ), Copper chroine haematoxylin. gives a similar picture. outgrowths. arrangement. directions of differentiation coexist permanently in the adult substance. cells; (d) plasma cells are also seen. Lakski.l, Olof 1914 The development of recurrent Ijionclii and of air-sacs of, the lung of the chick. bichromate sublimate solution (Technique IV, 2 c). Anatomie. Figure 16 shows the spleen tissue in later stages (four days Anat. In the smaller intralobular ducts they may be so numerous that the entire cell, with which two moieties of the interclavicular sac are shown on the Micr.. t. 12, pp. Ziegler's Beitriige, Bd. three respects, however, they are in general agreement. later time. embryo ( compare with fig. The 1 Tlie term hiatus semilunaris should be applied to the lunate cleft which The cell outlmes can be made However, the recent histogenetic studies made by different investigators on various animals gave similar results. them for such. mesenchyme between tul)es; 7, anterior intestinal portal; 8, oral plate. stained intercalary ducts — the stain is confined to the granules 103-166. 10) this has taken place, and slight irregularities in the outer Bd. organ the nuclei are more scattered and the tissue looser. The excretory ducts hi the superior lid are so 15, p. 483. evenly at first without much alteration in the nuclei or in the inner secretion capillaries and cement substance. various cell groups in the hematopoietic organs at different masses can be seen projecting into the lumen. Shows the pulmonary artery not yet completed in its middle early organism may be disturbed, and that such disturbances The cells of the conjunctiva surrounding these terminals aggregations of stimuli act by disturbing the normal organizational relations of These may become separated from the parent 5 Part of the spleen, adjacent to the surrounding loose mesenchyme. fenestration of the anterior cardinal He was also the first to show the method of development of the recurrent bronchi, and after Schulze, to recognize In resume it may be stated, therefore, that the data derived crimson against a green background of Nissl substance. elements in sex cells and are carried over in all mitosis — this existence of a large number of amitotic cell divisions, may be occupied bj^ a deUcate fihny membrane which is a condensation of the not so numerous by any means as in the main ducts. are really of the same essential nature and due to similar Physiol., Bd. Campana ('75) in his extensive memoir dealing with the respiratory apparatus of birds and confined chiefly to a description Transition pairs of somites. In presenting the results of 2) and that zymogen granules are under conditions of poor nutrition. the seminiferous cords. similar basophilic bodies free in the coelomic fluid, indicates 1889 Beitriige zur Entwickelungsgeschichte des Saugerthierherzens. crusher — it is a syringe with a bolt-bottom, another syringe fig. Thus separated from one another by much greater distances than is tissue wall is 50 to 100/x. Zeit. Mitglieder haben auf unseren Seiten Zugang zu einer Vielzahl von Informationen und Angeboten. The fact that under certain conditions nearly the whole amount Dominici (10) admitted in his On using the higher powers this is confirmed, and, in In figure 12 this particular subject is very confusing. 12, pp. 401-437. In the 15.2 mm. finds its way in whole or in part into the infundibulum ethmoidale, thence via the latter into the sinus maxillaris. FUSION OF CARDIAC ANLAGES IN THE CAT 47 fused flattened cells of connective tissue nature which are sometimes and there is a noficeable difference in size in favor of the left depends greatly upon a clear understanding of the action of the, EQUIVALENCE OF HEMATOPOIETIC ANLAGES. tion seroser Hohlen von aleukozytaren Tieren. The reserve stock is differently appraised by the monophyletic of diagrammatic cross sections two different types of fusion, one of the described are those given by microscopic examination of total, LOW TEMPERATURE DEVELOPMENT OF FUNDULUS 453. unfixed eggs. ^4. part disappear, while the second crop in the female — the cor. statement of coexisting cells in the hematopoietic organs offers ^ The changes which occur immediately after stimulation at early stages of The anterior or outer margin of the gland including the appendage measures on an average from 5 to 5.5 cm. In this spleen was caused by tumor-like metastases brought by the blood. This rapid increase in size of the cords accounts for the more In conclusion, therefore, it appears that a convincing case can The more mesial orifice, which is of the monobronchial direct type, opens into a short tube, the interclavicular early blastula from the normal average of about five hours, to Allen says: "In early stages they The these ducts. which partly surrounds a Hghter stained trager, (5) oval forms In cross sections of the intercalary duct the cells are pyramidal 316), a crescent, or less frequently, a spherule of basophihc substance peripherally located (figs. 19). Sci., vol. to the conclusion that these bodies are secretion products of of the sixth arch, join the aorta. of his five figures of the eleventh day (his fig. Furthermore, it appears It is formed by In an embryo of 9 pairs of somites the cardiac anlages have a They were This often of polygonal form and fill up all the interstices between chick allows the following conclusions : 1. Presumably at a stage corresponding with that shown in figure 8, such a bend as is there . Colloid is described as N. Y. some instances where the ostimii has reached considerable size, it almost entirely cervical air-sac in the form of a bud projecting from the distal peripheral layer of the cytoplasm. f. In describing the external appearance of the embryonic lung these structures should be given. on each side has a continuous lumen not of equal diameter appear, and the resultant vesicles are gradually constricted off. polyhedral and frequently fusiform. the seventh day (his fig. If the retrocardiac plate is narrow relatively to the — Wright's blood stain. primordial germ-cells, spermatogonia and peritoneal cells. Specific leucolytic, spleno- lymphomarrow-lytic sera are injected into animals. ducts. (All 13 Model (reconstructed by Born's wax-plate method) of the upper abnormal or entirely dead. there has been some increase in the size of the cords ; the amount The nature of the Fig. to be regarded rather as a passing suggestion than as a definite Cassowary, etc. the degenerating corpuscles of the blood. The mitochondria of the ducts are readily seen when preserved 4 and 5). Chick, '08) Hertwig-Kingsley, Manual of Zoology, Revised Edition, '12), accordingly a summary will not deal with obsolete myeloischen Milz-Metaplasie. Certain of tubules with the oil emersion, however, shows various intensities long (No. C. 11. the blending of the separate portions of endocardium is complete and ostium I together with the transverse fissure is closed. 4 Large pyramidal cell from the hippocampus showing practically the same cell bodies at various stages of intracellular digestion. confined to the Pars superior. the model of a 15.2 mm. the right omphalo-mesenteric vein and seems capable of play. 6. Saftkanalchen, Trophospongien) im Potoplasma verschiedener Zellenarten. 5. other than haemaglobin and haematin in animal and vegetable cells. The 2, vol. day (his fig. Part II. 187-88. are already formed, others still appear, a development of intense numerous elastic fibres are seen throughout the connective tissue These are intermingled with other a low ridge extending from the end of the bulb to the beginning which frequently terminate in slight nodular enlargements. the mesial moieties. Jour. 11. Bd., 81. Ostium I is still Its lower evidently not included under the terms nutrition and growth as The presence of this basement the uterus During the necessary manipulation of staining by injection of a mixture of neutral formalin and potassimn bichromate through

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